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The following are some unsolicited comments from our customers.

This is the best thing I've ever seen. I wasted a lot of money and time on a similar items and was very please with the ease of use with your products. I'm telling all of my friend about your great website. This is truly incredible. Your help system is great!!! I'm learning as I go and I can tell you now, you have the best products and website over everyone else.

Jim Shomaker

Testimonial by: Bonnie Goetzke from Memphis TN
Title: Concrete Mega Training
Johnny is an excellent instructor! He mixes both the technical and the practical in such a way that he retains your interest at all times. Johnny is adaptive in his training depending on the particular class participants. In our group we ranged from me, a homeowner just interested in knowing more about concrete applications from my sink to my driveway. At the other end of the spectrum the majority were people planning to get into this as a line of work. In some cases, it was an added skill to their already formidable flooring installation and finishing’s techniques. Others were planning to use it as an inexpensive fix for rental properties to turn them over quickly appealing to a larger group of highly qualified potential tenants. Johnny blends the class seamlessly between classroom technical knowledge and hands on practical knowledge. He is so well versed in his product knowledge that he at times deliberately lets students do something that will not achieve the expected result. You’re free to fail but it’s not a failure because you learned so much more from that experience than from watching someone else do it exactly right 100 times. Johnny’s classes are some of the best instruction I’ve ever received. No question is frowned on and if something needs to be repeated, it’s repeated. Everyone is treated with respect. I’ve gained so much more in his class than I’ve absorbed through at least half a dozen books on concrete finishes I’ve purchased. Bottom line – Johnny’s just plain GOOD!;

Testimonial by: Bill and Luz Fleenor from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Title: Concrete Mega Training
When I find something really good I like to share it ……………… …..and this is one of those things. If you are considering a class in decorative concrete I strongly recommend the class offered by Johnny Brown at Concrete Surfaces. My wife and I recently attended his class and learned so much. We really enjoyed meeting Johnny and Beth, they make you feel just like family. The class is conducted primarily in Johnny’s shop but for some things we went outside where large trees provided comfortable shade. Johnny and Beth keep a large supply of soft drinks and cold bottled water on hand for your comfort. Neither of us had any previous experience with concrete so all of the information was new to us. However, Johnny explains everything thoroughly and goes over it at lest twice to emphasize the concepts he demonstrates as he takes you through the steps of each process first hand and invites you to join in to get the feel, literally, of what he is doing. The class size is small, allowing everyone to be close to the demonstration and ask questions as it goes along. You don’t feel intimidated or shy to ask questions as some people may in front of a larger group. For me, Johnny took the mystery out of working with concrete, be it staining floors, applying overlays, micro toppings, casting countertops with both integral sinks and ones for drop in or under mount and much more. He explains the many choices for coloration and surface options available and how and why to select the various methods, materials, and mix to meet your own or your customer’s preference. He goes over some things that you may never have considered yet, things that may seem small but can make all the difference in the world to your success, even turn out to be a show stopper. These are the little things you don’t think about until you are there and ….”oops what do I do here?” That was the real confidence builder for me. You also will have Johnny with you for back upon each job. He is no further away than your cell pone so you can get advice on something before it is too late…….. priceless. My wife and I came away with so much confidence because of the knowledge gained in Johnny’s class. In my opinion you can’t beat it and Johnny and Beth are supper nice people to know. William and Luz Fleenor Oklahoma City, OK.

Testimonial by: glenn carter from Steele, MO
Title: training class
I have been in the decorartive concrete industry for over 10 years. I have been to several different training classes over this time and I will tell you that if you go to Johnny's class you will not be disappointed. The NPN is truely a great product. When it first came out, I remember that many in the industry were skeptical and wished to wave it off as some type of "snake oil." To be honest, I too thought it was too good to be true; however, I was proven wrong a couple years back when I first tried it. If applied correctly, it is truely a phenomenal product. However, let me be clear, eventhough the NPN and its demonstration is an important part of the class it only represents a small part of what is covered. Myself, I do countertops but most of my business is centered around decorative concrete overlays, vertical stamping, and acid staining. Johnny covers these areas as well and does a great job. He even goes the extra mile and gives out "secrets" on how to make the products yourself in order to save yourself money and shipping cost. In fact, this information alone is worth much more than the training fee and will save you thousands in the future. Johnny is an innovator and the information you will come away with will definately help you be successful in this industry.


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